Code8 is a new luxury cosmetics brand designed to simplify the way we wear makeup.

Its high-performance, long-lasting formulas are developed around the concept of buildable colour, and the tightly edited product range has been curated with all skin tones in mind.

This Autumn, the Code8 Flagship in Burlington Arcade is offering The Colour ID lab, where shoppers will be expertly guided to find their own bespoke lipstick colour and define their unique beauty code. Whether a customer is looking to recreate a favourite discontinued lipstick shade, match their lipstick to an outfit, or create the perfect red or nude hue for their or a loved one’s skin tone, the Code8 Colour Maestro will hand blend the unique shade using a combination of pigments to achieve the perfect balance. Each finished product will be beautifully presented in an eco-friendly vessel available for refills on request.





Boutique contact:
+44 (0) 20 7581 3410

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