Amrapali Jewels is a world-renowned luxury jewellery house based in Jaipur, founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera, two friends inspired by their deep reverence for India’s tribal jewellery and artefacts. Today, Amrapali’s future remains with the family, as Rajiv’s son Tarang Arora and his wife Akanksha Arora are Co-CEO and Creative Directors.

In the early eighties, Amrapali founders Rajiv Arora & Rajesh Ajmera embarked on a pilgrimage across India to explore her heart and soul. The unique jewellery, worn by tribal communities they encountered, and objects, bartered in markets they visited, caught their eye; and what began as a tentative exploration of a country, transformed over time into a lifelong passion for the decorative arts. Amrapali is now one of India’s most prolific jewellers and its influence is increasingly sweeping the West, with a growing presence in the UK.

The first store opened in their home town Jaipur, named Amrapali after a legendary Indian courtesan famed to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Four decades later, Amrapali has fine jewellery collections on Net-a-Porter and Dover Street Market, as well as 38 locations throughout India and three in London with the new Burlington Arcade boutique.

Inspired by India’s rich culture and heritage, Amrapali breathes new life into centuries-old Indian jewellery-making traditions. Often infusing a contemporary Western twist, Amrapali jewels delicately balances traditional Indian artisanal design with a modern touch.

Amrapali has an extensive heritage of creating bespoke pieces based around unique coloured gems – an increasingly popular customer demand. As well as introducing lesser-known stones, the Gem Bar will be an opportunity for Arcade clients to discover more about their origin, colour and value.

Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera – Founders of Amrapali Jewels say, ‘ We’re delighted to be launching our Amrapali boutique and the elegant Gem Bar in Mayfair’s world-renowned shopping arcade. Burlington Arcade is an ideal destination for our brand, as both value culture, history and heritage with contemporary appreciation. We are excited to welcome shoppers to our boutique from January.’

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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 10.00 - 18.00
Sun: Closed
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