Welcome back to Burlington Arcade

With our history dating back to 1819 Burlington Arcade has witnessed many key moments in British History.

We are delighted to welcome our guests back from Monday 15th June 2020. A friendly reminder dogs that are invited too.

The health and well-being of our Beadles, Retailers and Guests is our utmost priority.

We have been working hard to help make your visit to our Historical Landmark as safe as possible and we kindly request that our guests respect the measures we have taken to ensure this. From an eco-friendly barrier, to one-way entrances and exits, and hand sanitiser stations, we are ready to welcome you back.

Social Distancing

While the Beadles may not be able to shake your hand or take pictures, they will do their best to make you feel at home, with their charm, enthusiasm, and kindness. They engage with guests at the entrances to the Arcade and will encourage social distancing for the duration of the visit. We do request 2 metres is maintained throughout the Arcade.

A one-way system has been implemented and will be encouraged to be adhered to by all, for safety reasons. The dividing eco-friendly barrier for the one-way system is a series of plants provided by Little Water Plants and runs the length of the Arcade, providing a “soft barrier” as guests are able to cross to the other side with ease.

Regrettably we are not able to continue with Noxy Bros and our Shoeshine service. We are currently exploring options to be able to continue these services at Burlington Arcade.

Our Retailers have introduced a range of measures to provide a safe and seamless shopping experience. Please call ahead to ensure your favourite boutiques have re-opened or visit our website to be informed of new business hours.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrances of the Arcade for guests to sanitise their hands upon entry. The Beadles will continue to have their own pocket hand sanitisers.

Cleaning Regime

A thorough cleaning regime for the Arcade will resume, with a total of 9 hours per day.

There will continue to be a mid-day operative cleaning from 10am-1pm, with the evening team commencing their duty from 5pm.


Some Questions our Guests may have;


What changes will be made to the visitor process?

We will not be asking visitors to wear any PPE (including masks), and any visitors wearing PPE (including masks) will be allowed to do so in the Arcade.

As it is not compulsory in a retail environment, the Beadles will not be wearing PPE, however they have the option to do so should they choose.

How will the number of guests in the walk-way be managed?

The Beadles will be carefully managing the number of visitors through the Arcade, keeping an eye on potential overcrowding. To support this measure only the side gates at both entrances will be open, but non-ambulant / wheelchair access will be provided as required.

The Beadles will also encourage members of the public to disperse if seen gathering in groups or not adhering to social distancing whilst in the Arcade.

Will the Arcade have new visiting hours?

Yes, the opening hours of the Arcade will be 9.30am – 7.00pm Monday- Saturday and 11am-6pm on Sunday.

How will emergency first aid be provided if needed?

If there is an emergency requiring first aid in the Arcade then the Beadles will follow existing protocols and the emergency services will be called if required.

All our Retailer have their own arrangements for delivery of emergency first aid in their boutiques and the Beadles are always on hand to assist in an emergency situation.

How will emergency evacuation procedures work in practice taking into consideration social distancing guidance?

Our alarm system will perform as designed and all Retailers have been encouraged to review, where applicable, use of muster points and adopt disperse methods of evacuation to prevent gathering in small areas. Emergency procedures are in place for vulnerable employees to ensure they know where the emergency services can expect to collect personnel in case of an emergency.


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