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Luxury swimwear brand Vilebrequin was founded in Saint Tropez in 1971, and the style and spirit of the French Riviera continues to inspire the brand today.

The uncompromising cut of the men’s classic Moorea swim shorts remains virtually unchanged, while its fast-drying, tear-resistant Italian polyamide means each piece will last a lifetime.

Vilebrequin is rooted in family values and launched its father-and-son concept in 1995. It fast became a hallmark of the brand and a mother-and-daughter line was soon added too.
The Burlington Arcade boutique offers the full collection, from men’s, women’s and children’s swimwear to polo shirts and sunglasses. It also offers exclusive prints, as well as a repair service.


We have implemented safety measurements in our Burlington Arcade store to ensure the safety of our customers.


– Hydro-alcoholic gel will be provided. We will invite all our customers to disinfect their hands to be placed on the table nearest to the front door. The second bottle is dedicated to our sales teams, and should be placed in the stockroom, and at the till point.

– Surgical masks FFP1 are to be worn all day by our sales teams. These masks will be changed every 4 hours. We kindly request that our customers wear masks as well (even if their’s are made of fabric, or scarves).

– Disposable gloves for the sales team will be worn when they touch products worn by customers.

– Anti-virus disinfectant bottles (or wipes) respecting EU 14476 norm & disposable hand towels will be used to clean all surfaces touched by each customer: door handle, fitting room stool & hooks, cash desk counter, pin-pad.

– Plexiglass shields will be installed on the cash desk and create a physical separation between staff and customer. Even though this measure is not mandatory so far, we believe it will provide more confidence and trust to our sales team and customers.

– In order to respect social distancing, depending on the size of each store in sqm, a maximum number of people can be present at the same time and respect 1.5m distancing. We have calculated maximum of 4 people can be in our store including staff.

– We will encourage contactless payments, and if payment by cash, a thorough cleaning of hands after transaction will be requested.

– We will encourage store doors to be kept open, to avoid customer contact.

– Regular ventilation of the store to refresh air, and regular deep cleaning at least twice a day will be requested.

We look forward to welcoming you back.

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 11.00 -17.00

+44 (0) 20 7499 6558

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